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End Grain Millwork’s team are experienced experts in a spectrum of commercial architectural millwork, including architectural paneling, furniture, reception desks & conference room tables, floating ceiling panels, and museum quality displays. We have years of experience working with various sheet goods, hardwoods, and specialty products. We also do custom plastic laminate casework and plastic laminate tops. We provide all the complimentary services associated with architectural/commercial millwork.

  • Multi-Family Amenity Areas

  • Tenant Improvements (TI)

  • Corporate Interiors

  • Corporate Lobbies

  • Conference Rooms

  • Office Building Lobbies

  • Public and Private Schools

  • Higher Education

  • Theaters/Concert Halls

  • Hotels

  • Ecclesiastical

  • Law Offices

  • Banks

  • Airports

  • Courthouses

  • Medical Offices — Cabinets, Nurses Stations, Headwalls, Feature Walls

  • Restaurant/Bar

  • Exhibit Work — Retail, Gift Stores, Museums

  • Casework (Custom Plastic Laminate Cabinets, AWI Certified, 32mm dowel construction)

  • Interior and Exterior Doors

  • Paneling — Ceiling Paneling, Architectural Paneling

  • Custom Molding/Trim Work

  • Furniture — Conference Tables, Tables, Bathroom Vanities.